Our handcrafted surfskates are 100% handmade.  The decks are made of several layers of maple or birch veneer covered with your choice of wood veneer as bottom and top layer. Besides a beautiful veneer it can be anything from a bio-hemp cloth to a futuristic carbon-fibre cloth or whatever else comes to your mind.


After vacuum-glueing  all layers and cutting the outline of your deck we move on with sanding and finishing it. Regarding the bottom we usually go for 2-3 layers of linseed oil to bring out the best of each veneer. Of course we can also finish it with a tough lacquer if you plan to incorporate traditional tricks  into your style. When it comes to grip we recommend our corundum / bio epoxy mix for a long-lasting grip.


Not to mention that we can do almost any kind of customization putting your personal artwork or any other graphics on the deck. 


Once the deck is finished you can choose the trucks and wheels that suits your needs best. If you prefer smoother turns and the classic surf feeling we recommend the C7 Carver truck. But Reverse Kingpin Trucks like the CX Carver or Miller XRKP are also a very good choice as they are a well balanced mix between surf and skate.


Prices vary between 160€ (deck only) and 420€ (all-in with top of the line technical components) depending on your choices. We'd therefore kindly ask you to leave us some additional informations in the form below.  Ideally just fill in everything starting  from your favorite veneer, colors to technical components like trucks, wheels and bearings or all kinds of customization you are looking for.   In case you need an individual consultation just give  us a call.  We'd love to hear from you.



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