Miss Muffy 5'6"

This board is your silver bullet for the smaller days but also bigger mushy onshore conditions. With a wide nose and lots of volume it feels more like a chopped longboard. It makes catching waves easy and once the rail locks in, it cuts through the wave like a hot knife through butter. You will love it!

All our models with a twin fin setup get 3 FCS X2 Plugs in a row to allow for individual fin placement or alternatively larger fins with 3 pins.


Size: 5'6" x  22  x  2 1/2


Please be aware that we don't have any boards in stock as we are handcrafting them made to order. To get an estimate how long it will take till you can hold your new board in your hands just give us a call or drop us a line. Of course you can get your hands earlier on Miss Muffy by shaping her yourself in one of our workshops

1.250,00 €

  • Delivery in 30-35 days