NEWS // WORKSHOP AT THE "ABOUT you Pangea Festival"

Never stop playing! Hearing that slogan we immediately knew, we have to be part of it. We therefore teamed up with our friends at FranzundHans from Rerik to offer you a Board Building Session at the About You Pangea Festival . Besides our classic surfboards you can also build yourself a kiteboard. Our Product Range has been upgraded temporarily to serve your needs. BOOK NOW!

Never stop playing! Bei diesem Motto dürfen wir natürlich nicht fehlen! Mit unseren Freunden von FranzundHans aus Rerik bieten wir Euch daher beim About You Pangea Festival eine Board Building Session an. Neben klassischen Wellenreitern könnt Ihr Euch auch Kiteboards für die Welle bauen. Unsere Product Range haben wir daher extra temporär für Euch erweitert. BOOK NOW!


We are handcrafting hollow wooden surfboards. By establishing Fischer & Daughter Woodwork we are combining our love for surfing, wood and precise craftsmanship. 


Surfing often appears to be in balance with Mother Nature. Unfortunately this is not the case, yet. As a surfer for many years you get a good understanding of how big the environmental impact of producing  foam boards is. The materials used for this require an enormous amount of energy and petrochemicals. Our goal is to reduce the toxicity and carbon footprint of a surfboard.


As a father of a 4 year old girl it becomes even clearer to you how important it is to leave the earth in good shape for the next generation. That  is why all our boards a made of sustainably grown Paulownia from Europe, reducing the environmental impact to a minimum. By handcrafting them in a proper way we create surfboards that last a lifetime and can even be surfed by our children in the future.  


All of the boards are handcrafted by Lars Fischer. With a background as a cabinet maker and a studied interior architect with years of experience he combines his love for the ocean with a passion for good craftsmanship and good design. 

Besides our handcrafted wooden surfboards we have a few more cool and upcycled things on offer you didn't know you needed!

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