Fischer & Daughter WOODWORK  //  Handcrafted wooden Surfboards

Our handcrafted hollow wooden surfboards are made of sustainibly grown Paulownia from Spain. We process these planks to panels used for the bottom and top decks of our boards. The inner construction, which looks more or less like the wing structure of an aircraft,  are made of laser cut birch plywood, manufactured according to our CAD Drawings.

Once the top deck has been glued on, we have a very light wooden surfboardplank which then needs just a lot of love, handplaning and sanding to finally become a smooth and neat looking surfboard.

To keep the weight low we laminate them with a minimum of fibreglass-cloth and finish them with our bio epoxy resin before you can take them to the water,

For now, we have only a small but supersweet selection of boards on offer. But we are currently working at full steam on new designs. They are tested for you in the atlantic ocean and afterwards fine-tuned, to make sure they are well balanced before you hold your new board in your hands.

If you can't find your preferred shape or size you are looking for please contact us. We can customize almost any board according to your wishes.

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